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How to use the maps

Choosing the right map

Service on the NYC subway system differs by time of day, and on the weekends. Either choose a map from the dropdown menu in the upper left hand corner of any map page, or choose one below:

  • NYC Subway rush hour map
  • NYC Subway midday map
  • NYC Subway evening map
  • NYC Subway late night map
  • NYC Subway weekend map
  • NYC Subway weekend late night map
  • NYC Subway rush hour map, ADA stations only
  • Getting information about a station

    Click on any station along one of the colored lines. It will show which services stop at the station, and also any services located within the same station complex. Entrances and exits will also be listed, including which are exit only, and if all directions can be accessed from all entrances at a station.

    Getting information about a route

    To see information about one route, click on the route of interest at the right side of the screen. The normal routing for the train will be shown. Other variations in service, including late night and weekend service plus common diversions, can be seen by clicking on one of the variations. To show all routes again, click on 'Back to all routes'.

    Viewing the map

    If you're familiar with Google Maps, the same gestures and controls work here too. Don't know how to use Google Maps? Not a problem!

    What do the symbols mean?

    See the map legend.

    Searching for an address

    Enter an address in the search box at the right side of the screen. After pressing return or clicking the arrow, it will take you to that address and list the closest stations to that address. Click on any station to see walking directions from the address to the closest entrance/exit for that station.

    Current service status

    While efforts are made to keep the map up-to-date, unforeseen situations such as police activity, sick passengers and signal problems due can cause temporary service diversions. Not all construction activities are shown on the map. To see current service status, click on the Current Service Status box at the right side of the screen. That's info right from the MTA.

    Help! My train has been rerouted!

    You can get a map of various common service diversions--and even some planned alternate routings--by viewing details for a specific route. See "Getting information about a route" above.

    Americans with Disabilities Act/ADA-accessible stations

    A map of accessible NYC subway stations is available. Stations highlighted in green are not accessible from the street, but same platform transfers are available according to the MTA, or have other restrictions, such as accessibility in one direction only. Be sure to see the MTA's page on subway accessibility for details on service, especially Elevator and escalator status before riding. The full route of each line is listed, but only the stations shown have an elevator or ramp that provides access to one or more platforms.