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Sorry, had to say the above.

Who am I? Why did I make this?

I'm Doug. I like maps. Back in 2008 I started, this site's older cousin. In 2012 I started the LI Transit section. I also started the subway map in 2012, but the real work didn't start until 2013. I've been toying with GTFS data from the MTA for a few years, especially for the LIRR, and wanted to do something that covers the subways.

Is this map accurate?

The lines on the map and placement of the stations are based on "GTFS" information provided by the MTA. Several stations and lines are moved slightly from the provided positions to make the map easier to read. Services available at each station are based on normal service patterns. Service patterns regularly change due to planned or unplanned events. Rush hour service rarely deviates from what's on the map (except for unplanned events like police activity, signal problems, or 'passenger assistance'). Midday service is also fairly consistent. However, weekend, late night and especially weekend late night service often deviates from the map. Station entrance locations are based on info provided by the MTA and subject to change. Not all entrances are open at all times, and some entrance information has been added due to gaps in the data provided by the MTA, especially for stations with elevators. Not all entrances provide access to all service at a particular station. If you see something wrong PLEASE let me know by emailing me at

How did you make this?

Technical stuff can be found here: How to create a subway map in 4,872 steps. I'll eventually have a big post that goes through the details.

What maps are available?

A whole bunch!

Why aren't there any schedules here? Why don't you have feature X?

Simply put, it's been done already, by a lot of sites and apps, by a lot of companies and individuals that will do a better job than I can at it. I'm not going to compete head-to-head with them--it just doesn't make sense. The intent is to fill a niche somewhere. Today, that means a mashup of entrance data, time of day maps, and ADA information. Tomorrow, it could include a different take on countdown clock data. The day after that it could be a simple feature that quickly becomes more popular than all others.

Can I use this map on my own site?

If you wish to license the use of the map tiles for use on your own site or your own Google Maps overlay, please contact me . Because it includes content from multiple sources you will need to secure your own licensing from the MTA and possibly Google too.