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  Steve Anderson
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Over 500 roads criss-cross the state with a NY shield. The signed routes are numbered 2-878. New York also has a significant amount of unsigned roads, numbered 900 and above. There is no apparent numbering scheme at work in the state except for a some clustering in a couple of areas (101-112 for example). Spurs off of a roads are designated by a NY ##A where ## is the number of the main road and A is an alphabetical suffix. See US 9 and its many spurs for an example.
For a historical point of view and details about some of these roads and others that were never built, go to Steve Anderson's site. His pages contains information on just about every highway in the New York City area.

What do the colors mean?
New York does not have different color shields but the next pages show different color shields to mean different things:
Black: Active. The majority of routes are this type.
Grey: Deleted. This route is not maintained or signed by the state (except for the leftover little green signs)
Red: Not assigned. This number was never used for a NY state route.
Blue: Reserved. This number has been set aside to be used in the future.
Green: Secret. These routes are maintained by the state but are not signed with the black and white signs. Instead, they are indentifiable by the little green signs every tenth of a mile.