Jones Beach field 9 closed in 1977. Taken in October 2008, these pictures show what remains in the area between fields 6 and 9, and around parking field 9 itself. Click on any picture for a larger image.

Erosion between field 6 and field 9

Water tower in the distance

Looking back towards field 6.

Obligatory seagull picture

Some more erosion

That's about a 10-foot drop!

Closeup of the erosion:

At field 9

The ocean is very close to the dunes where Field 9 is located:

Signs of life:

Not sure what this was:

There's lots of remains of wood structures scattered about. This one was in the sand:

The west lot

Another wood thing at the western edge of the west lot:

The west lot of field 9, facing east:

Nature pops up through the cracks:

Civilization in the background:

Between the lots

The vegetation is pretty dense between the two lots:

Looking to the east lot:

The east lot

Some curbs along the north side of the lot, poking through the sand:

Looking south, towards the beach:

A chunk of curb:

Besides the obvious pavement and wood, there was not a whole lot of garbage. But, it was clear the Coke is it and Budweiser is the king of beers, judging by what is there. Not sure how old this can is, but I think it's from before 1985:

Back towards field 6

Along the low tide line there's a bunch of chunks of the curbs from the lot:

Field 6 may be next:

Where does this bridge go? It goes up!