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How to measure yourself for eShakti custom dresses

Get the right measurements, the first time!

Having the right measurements is critical to getting a good fit. But how do you make sure you measure it like they do?
  1. First, measure your bust, waist and hips. You probably already know these numbers if you've bought any clothes online before.
  2. Look at eShakti's standard size chart to find the best match. Use the size where two of out three of your numbers are close to their numbers. Know yourself: You probably have an idea of your size already from buying other clothes, and where those items are loose or tight on you.
  3. Get the rest of the measurements that eShakti uses. Email eShakti at (sorry, you have to email; the phone people don't have this information) Let them know you want to make sure you're measuring correctly for the style you're interested in. (the style will be a number like CL0012345) Give them your height also.

    Hi, I'd like to be sure I'm measuring myself correctly. Can you send me the measurements for CL0012345 in a size 10 for someone who's 5'2"? Thanks!
    It'll take a couple days because they'll have to ask the people that make the patterns. You'll get a table like this:
    height 5.2
    shoulder 15.75
    upper arm 12
    chest 35
    bust 37
    underbust 31
    waist 30
    hip 40
    HPSToBust 10.5
    HPSToWaist 18
    HPSToKnee 39
    (yes, some measurements aren't a full inch)
  4. Now, have someone else measure you. Some measurements happen on your back, which you can't see. Or from your shoulders to your knees, which you can't do alone without messing up the measurements.
  5. Compare these measurements to the measurements eShakti provided, and how clothes usually fit you. Maybe some are way off because you measured differently than how they measure: you should remeasure these to be sure! Or, you know your body is larger or smaller in one area. Leave these as is! (for us, some measurements were exactly as shown above, but others were significantly smaller and others were significantly larger... as expected!)
  6. Use our referral link below to get $50 off your first purchase. Browse to the item you love, style it to your liking, and carefully enter these measurements to order it.
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I hope the above helps you find your perfect fit. It's really satisfying when you receive items that fit you. Leave plenty of time to receive your items the first couple of times you order a custom size...just in case! eShakti's Perfect Fit Guarantee means they'll remake it for free, but it still needs to be made and shipped to you.
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