164X bus schedule (for NJ Transit)

from Port Authority Bus Terminal (NYC)
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Normal service shown - Holidays may differ.
164X Midland Pk Express4:35pmFri ONLY
Which gate?
164X Midland Pk Express4:35pmTue-Thu
164X Ridgewood Express5:00pmFri ONLY

164X Ridgewood Express5:00pmTue-Thu
164X Midland Pk Express5:18pmFri ONLY
164X Midland Pk Express5:18pmTue-Thu
164X Ridgewood Express5:30pmFri ONLY
164X Ridgewood Express5:30pmTue-Thu
164X Midland Pk Express5:42pmFri ONLY
164X Midland Pk Express5:42pmTue-Thu
164X Ridgewood Express5:54pmTue-Thu
Which gate?
164X Midland Pk Express6:06pmFri ONLY
164X Midland Pk Express6:06pmTue-Thu
164X Ridgewood Express6:18pmFri ONLY
164X Ridgewood Express6:18pmTue-Thu
164X Midland Pk Express6:30pmTue-Thu
164X Midland Pk Express6:42pmFri ONLY
164X Midland Pk Express6:42pmTue-Thu
164X Midland Pk Express6:54pmFri ONLY
164X Midland Pk Express6:54pmTue-Thu

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Source: NJ Transit data & schedules. Gate info current as of September 2013.

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